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Fig, Brie & Jamón Croissant

Have I got the ultimate breakfast sandwich for you today!

I’ll be travelling to Paris soon, so this sandwich is a homage to this beautiful city and its incredible culinary scene.

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It is very common to have a platter of fruits and cheeses as a typical french dessert or mid-day snack. I personally favor that combination and am particularly fond of figs & nectarines.

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this sandwich will work great with every semi-soft fruit though, and if you’ll choose to layer it up with a little smoked & finely sliced meat (such as Jamon Serrano or Prosciutto), peppery greens and a generous slather of honey-butter, you will sure have a great head-start for your day.

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Fig, Brie & Jamón Croissant

serves 2



2 Butter croissants

2 figs, finely sliced

6 slices of Camembert/Brie/blue cheese

4 slices Jamon Serrano/Prosciutto

1 small bunch Arugula leaves

2 tablespoons/1.5 oz/40 grams salted butter, at room temperature

1/2 tablespoon honey



Mix together the butter and honey. Slice the croissants lengthwise and spread a generous layer of the honey butter on both sides. Arrange the cheese slices diagonally on one side, layer with the figs, Arugula and finish with the Jamon/Prosciutto slices.



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