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Fish & Papaya Thai Sandwiches

It’s time for a little Thai inspired sandwich! I’ve been fantasizing about baking some soft burger rolls for a while, and when I finally found a recipe that I was satisfied with, the inspiration and ideas just kept flooding in.

This sandwich came to life yesterday, while I was really craving some omega-3 for lunch. I’ve been dying to get my hands on some green papaya (which I have yet been fortunate enough to find, sadly) to make a traditional Som Tam salad. I found a firm papaya in the supermarket though, so decided to give it a try anyway.

for the fish salad I used Tilapia, but you can play around with whatever you get your hands on. Cod will also work well, and even chopped prawns, salmon or canned tuna fish.

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This recipe depends  mostly on ratios and personal taste than on an actual recipe. It’s really up to you the amount of mayo you choose to add to your fish salad, and the same goes for the cilantro, chillies, fish sauce, lime etc. So don’t fret. You can always balance the flavors as you go.


Fish & Papaya Thai Sandwiches

serves 4

4 Brioche/burger buns, bought or homemade

Fish Salad

4 tilapia fillet (each about 3.5 oz/100 grams)

3 tbsp mayo

2 inch /5 cm red chilli, finely sliced

handful chopped fresh cilantro

Juice of half a lime

salt & pepper, to taste

olive oil


Rub the fish fillets with olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Fry or bake the fish. If you choose the baking option, bake them for 15 min in an oven preheated to 200C/ 400F. If you choose to fry, heat some olive oil in a pan and fry on both sides, until cooked through. Remove the fish from the heating source and cool to room temp. Chop the fish fillets to chunk size pieces. mix with the mayo, fresh lime juice, chilli and cilantro. Set aside until ready to use.


Som Tam papaya salad

1 small & firm Papaya (use the greenest you find)

1 handful of cherry tomatoes, halved

2 tbsp fish sauce

1 tbsp grated palm sugar/honey/brown sugar

juice of 1 lime

2 inch/5 cm red chilli, finely sliced


Peel the Papaya and cut in half. With a Julienne peeler (I use OXO Good Grips Julienne Peeler), finely julienne the papaya flesh (you should have about 2 cups). I a bowl, mix the rest of the ingredients. Taste and adjust to your liking. Add the julienned papaya and cherry tomatoes and coat with the dressing.


Assemble the sandwich

Cut the buns in half. On each bun, spoon 2 generous tbsp of the fish salad and top with the papaya salad. Served with a chilled Singa beer and enjoy.

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