Growing up, I was always attracted to the kitchen despite the fact that our household was one in which food wasn’t a very important factor- dinner was usually comprised of take outs, frozen pizza and snacks.

The real turning point occurred when I was 16, when I decided to step into the kitchen for the first time to create what I really wanted to eat and practically never left. I enjoy every aspect of cooking and entertaining – the planning, preparation, and the “did you make it?” reaction of satisfied friends and family.

I do have a soft spot for desserts, and had my fair share in restaurant kitchens. I have a huge collection of cookbooks, and often turn to them for inspiration and guidance.

Global and fusion cuisines have always had a big impact on my cooking, and I travel as much as time (and money) allows. I divide the majority of my time between the beautiful cities of London, Barcelona and Tel-Aviv, which from each I get different sets of inspiration and comfort. My cooking is mostly done in my tiny and occasionally not so-organized kitchen.

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Another obsession of mine is vintage food and accessories, and I’m on a constant hunt for vintage memorabilia. give me those old scales, milk jugs and pots and pans and I’m a happy girl!


And this is Milo. My charming little Bichon Frise dog. He does help a lot with cleaning the kitchen floor while I’m in a cooking frenzy. I think that he deserves an entire blog to himself, don’t you?

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I hope that my blog will lure you into the kitchen and spark the desire to pamper a loved one (or ones) with simple, and occasionally not-so-simple delicacies.

Feel free to P.M me with questions and inquiries via the Contact page – I’m always happy to communicate!